Recreational screen media use is quickly replacing family time, by no fault of parents.  They are doing the best they can based on the information available to them, which claims nothing can be done to stop their children’s screen dependence.

Parents seeking change needfront-cover a new framework for action. Breaking the Trance does not blame parents or vilify technology, but it does give parents clear and effective strategies to implement immediately.  The results will restore a sense of care and connection within the family.








“Screen dependence is real and destructive to developing personalities and brains. With wit, grace, and startling science, George and Cynthia bring you the facts you need to know, along with—most importantly—practical solutions for every parent. A must-read!”

—Thom Hartmann, author Walking Your Blues Away: How to Heal the Mind and Create Emotional Well-Being

“If you are a parent, grandparent, or anyone who cares about kids and their ability to become responsible, happy adults at some point, you should care about the valuable information in this book. The authors’ balance real-life case stories, research, and common sense about how to tackle the monster that has crept into every family and relationship—that tantalizing screen—and provide explanations and simple tools that are both encouraging and empowering to move from identification to action. In addition, there is enough information and guidance in this book to help schools work effectively in tandem with the families they serve to help young people (and their parents) find specific ways to connect, grow stronger, and develop the skills necessary to lead fulfilling, meaningful lives.”

—Jackie Booth, PhD, Parent, grandparent, and lifelong educator

“Take heart, parents! It’s not too late. Read this book. As an expert in the ¬field of Internet addiction, I was delighted with this book and found the material fresh and practical. It will help parents as they try to cope with child rearing in the digital age.”

—Hilarie Cash, PhD, LMHC, Founding Member, Chief Clinical Officer, and Education Director for reSTART Life

“Mr. Lynn, thank you for this book! Following your guidance gave our son the time he needed in his life to show us who he actually was —going from an anxious child who loved video games (yet was literally afraid of everything, even the wind), to a straight A, college-bound high school student and honor society member.”

—Lorri Dixon, mother of an amazing teenager on the autism spectrum