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November 9, 2017

George presented a workshop titled “ASD and Mental Health:  Understanding and Helping Children with Problem Behavior in the Digital Age” for the Minnesota Dept.  of Education in Shorewood MN.  In attendance were over 100 teachers who work with children on the spectrum in Minnesota.


June 20 and 21, 2017

Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota

George Lynn and Cynthia Johnson presented a two-day workshop for special education staff of the Minnesota Dept. of Education titled “Breaking the Trance:  Strategies for Combating Recreational Screen Dependence.”


April 18, 2017, Nevada City Theatre, Nevada City, California

George gave a talk on “Screen Dependency and Our Children” at the historic Nevada City Theatre and was part of a local panel taking questions from the audience in this lively and interesting evening program.  And select the tab on the lower right column to listen to it!


Radio Interviews

Here is a list of our recent radio appearances to talk about the book. Recorded transcripts of some of these appearances are available.   Contact us and we will send you the date and time of the interview along with download information.  Thanks!


Station                                                Host

KVMR, Nevada City, CA Science Talk with Alan Stahlar
Thom Hartmann The Thom Hartmann Program
Voice America Positive Living with Patricia Raskin
WFLO, Richmond Call Flo with Chris Brochon
Sirius/XM #121 and 126 Tech Tuesday with Karen Hunter
KOKX  Keokuk, IA Just for the Health of It with Suzy Glascock
WPKZ, Boston Lunch Box with Sherm Whiteman
KBUR, Burlington, Iowa The Steve Hexom Show
WEEU, Reading PA Straight Talk with Nick Lawrence
WISR, Pittsburgh It’s Your Turn with Dave Malarkey
WKNY, Hudson Valley, New York The Morning Show with Warren Lawrence
Radio MD The Owner’s Manual Radio Show with Dr. Michael Roizen
WNAV, Annapolis, MD Bill Lusby Morning Show
WSRQ, Sarasota, West Palm Beach Health Check with Heidi Godman
 Lifestyle Radio Network, Boston Frankie Boyer Lifestyle Show
WEAG, Jacksonville, FL The Morning Show with Chuck Kramer
WOBM and New Jersey  Joel Markel Preferred Company Radio
WSVA, Roanoke, VA Late afternoon with Mike Schikman
WESB AM, SE New York State Live Line with Anne Holiday
WLTP, Marietta, OH News Talk with John Chalfant
WXGM, Williamsburg, VA The Neal Steele Show
WAKG, WBTM, Roanoke NC Health Beat with Kathryn Davis
KEEL  AM 710, Shreveport, Louisiana David McMillen, Strategies for Living
WATR, Waterbury, CT Talk of the Town with Larry Rifkin
WFIN, Toledo, OH Good Mornings with Chris Oaks
KFAI, Minneapolis, St. Paul Health Notes with Kinshash Kambui
WLFM, Eau Claire, WS BS with Bob Schmidt
KOIT, San Francisco Positive Parenting with Dr. Dad /Armin Brott